Friday, 6 January 2017

(Alert) WhatsApp hoax : PM Modi is Not Offering Free Recharge of Rs.500

WhatsApp hoax
WhatsApp is known for spreading fake messages or hoaxes on the instant messaging platform. The latest is a message that says Prime Minister Narendra Modi is offering a free Rs 500 recharge to every Indian.
If you receive this message or a similar message which asks you to share your details and invite a predetermined number of contacts, it is recommended that you delete the message immediately.
There have been hordes of rumours circulating around the Internet about India’s demonetisation. Cybercriminals often use social media portals like WhatsApp as a means to steal personal information.
They can use this information for a number of purposes like selling it to the highest bidder on in the black market. It is recommended that you don’t take any messages about demonitisation seriously until the authenticity has been verified.

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